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Iggy Azalea sports eye-catching tresses at JFK Airport



She’s famous for her flaunting her plump posterior.

But on Thursday, all eyes were diverted to Iggy Azalea‘s bright blonde hair as she arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. 

Crimped, free flowing and positively shiny, the beauty’s locks were so luminous that they may have even made Goldilocks blush.

Golden girl! Iggy Azalea drew attention to her luminous locks as she made her way through JFK Airport in New York on Thursday

While she is known for her distinctive mane, 27-year-old Iggy’s hairstyle garnered more attention than usual due to its seemingly lighter shade and 80’s style crimping. 

The Australian-born rapper no doubt turned heads as she strutted through the terminal en route to a flight bound for her adopted city of Los Angeles.

She kept close behind a minder who was seen lugging her Louis Vuitton luggage.  

Back to the future! Iggy’s hair was crimped in a manner that recalled the style of the 1980s 

Eye-catching: Sporting an outfit as eye-catching as her hair, the Fancy singer wore a black t-shirt which featuring a terrifying clown print

Sporting an outfit as eye-catching as her hair, the Fancy singer wore a black t-shirt which featuring a terrifying clown print. 

She partially covered up the startling shirt with a colourful denim jacket. 

Known for twerking her ample behind, Iggy dressed conservative for New York’s chilly climes, concealing her rear in a pair of black jeans. 

Covering up: Known for twerking her ample behind, Iggy dressed conservative for New York’s chilly climes, concealing her rear in a pair of black jeans

However, the tight strides were still positively booty-hugging, giving fellow passengers more than a generous glimpse of her shapely bottom.

Iggy’s departure from The Big Apple comes a day after she shared yet another raunchy video of her most famous asset.

However, in the clip, shared on Wednesday, the Mullumbimby-born musician had a pink locks, suggesting that her new gold curls were 

She’s booty-ful! Iggy’s tight strides were still positively booty-hugging


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Feel like it’s been a particularly tough year in Georgia Sports? You’re not alone



It’s been a rough year.

Let’s be honest, the last 365 days haven’t been so kind to Georgia and our major sports teams.

As the road to the Super Bowl continues, it’s hard to ignore that feeling you have as a Georgia Sports fan. That’s right, I have it too.

As someone who follows every team and athlete who makes his or her way through Georgia, there’s a weary feeling that has taken root after the Falcons couldn’t advance in the playoffs against a backup quarterback and the Philadelphia Eagles.

After some reflection, I realized why a lot of us have this melancholy feeling. It wasn’t just because of the Falcons. They’re part of it, but if you take a look at Georgia sports from the last year, you quickly realize how many times we’ve been tormented and tortured with teams and athletes being on the verge of something great, only to fall short.

I’m not just talking about Super Bowl LI. That was just the beginning.

Blowing that 28-3 lead just seemed to have a butterfly effect on all of our teams and athletes. Just a couple days after the Super Bowl, Chase Elliott had the lead in the Daytona 500. He was poised to win his first professional race after leading for 37 laps, but he ran out of gas with three laps remaining. He’s yet to win a race.

The Atlanta Braves weren’t expected to do anything special, but Freddie Freeman was on track to do something great. Freeman was tied for the most home runs in MLB at the time when Blue Jays pitcher Aaron Loup threw a fastball high and inside. It hit Freeman’s left wrist and caused him to be out for more than one month.

Plus, the Braves became entrenched in a scandal involving their former general manager, John Coppolella, who circumvented international signing rules for two years and has been banned from MLB for life.

Former Georgia Bulldogs golfer Brian Harman went into the final day of the U.S. Open with a 1-stroke lead, but Brooks Koepka had a ridiculous, record-setting round to move ahead of him and win the major title. Harman had back-to-back bogeys to blow an opportunity of winning his first major title.

Atlanta United had a stunning first season, but when they got a chance to play in their first playoff game, they missed three penalty kicks in a shootout that cost them the game. One even bounced off the post, and Columbus prematurely ended Atlanta United’s inaugural season. Some thought Atlanta United would go on to the MLS Cup.

The Atlanta Hawks continued to struggle in the postseason, and then had a lackluster free agency period. New general manager Travis Schlenk didn’t even offer Paul Millsap a new deal, and so Millsap left for Denver. It appears the Hawks are trying to just tank at this point for a high NBA Draft Pick, but they’re having trouble even doing that.

Georgia Tech had a tough year that involved blowing games, including their season opener against the Tennessee Volunteers.

The Georgia Bulldogs achieved early and had a season for the ages that went all the way to the national championship. But the Crimson Tide put in a true freshman at quarterback to lead them back from a 20-7 deficit and win another title.

Finally, after the Falcons battled with inconsistency and the struggles of new offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, their star receiver Julio Jones fell in the end zone and couldn’t make a game-winning catch against the Eagles. He lost a few balls through the air this season, not to mention his earing.

I don’t say all this to be negative, but just to point out that it’s been a rough year. If you feel tired or letdown as a Georgia sports fan, you should. Has anyone been through as much as we have?

Most of the teams have let us down in the harshest ways possible. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster of high moments culminating in a big letdown. It hurts more than just teams being consistently bad.

Don’t forget there’s been plenty of issues outside of just the games. We had trouble just getting to the games because of bridge collapse. Mercedes-Benz Stadium dealt with several delays, and the roof still isn’t fully functional.

The Georgia Dome had to be demolished twice because a wall didn’t fall. Not that you could see any of the demolition because of the Marta bus.

Most of the GHSA high school state championships had to be moved from Mercedes-Benz Stadium because of snow and ice. Oh, so much snow and ice!

It’s been a lot. We’ve been through so much.

There has been some good.

Georgia State won its first bowl game in program history under new head coach Shawn Elliott. The Georgia Swarm won a professional title, Georgia’s first since 1996. It’s an accomplishment, but it’s not the kind of major title fans are hungry for.

But brighter days are ahead. The Braves still have a lot of talent on the way up. If the Falcons can get out of their offensive funk, watch out. The Hawks could be getting some of the best basketball players out of college basketball soon, and Atlanta United just made a record-breaking transfer that has the club on track to be the best in MLS.

When someone breaks whatever apparent curse this state is under, all these trials and tribulations will have made the journey special and make it taste that much sweeter.

Just keep telling yourself that.

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